M&M Casing Brush Tool

Mechanical cleaning of the ID of the casing is critical for successful completions in new wells and workovers. Debris in the casing ID can prevent the proper setting of sealing elements & slips used in downhole tools and small particulates can cause formation damage. The M&M Oil Tools Casing Brush tool’s 360-degree contact does not require rotation, works RIH & POH and can reach into corrosion pits and coupling recesses that cannot be cleaned by casing scrapers. Our brush tool has a proven, 15-year track record of cleaning the casing ID to dislodge this hidden debris, thereby reducing the potential for formation damage. The robust design of M&M Oil Tools Casing Brush Tool with a large internal diameter and precise brush placement can withstand the roughest high-speed rotation and reciprocation in vertical, deviated or horizontal wells.

Features & Benefits
Our mandrel is made from high strength, heat-treated alloy steel bar stock with integral upper and lower tool joint connections. There are no welds or castings which can compromise the tool strength of the string or which must be inspected after every run.
Brushes are positively retained in the retainer pockets by solid machined shoulders. There are no fasteners or other parts that can loosen causing miss-runs or be lost causing fishing jobs.
Our brushes are made using a premium grade of stainless-steel wire so they will not contaminate corrosion resistant alloy (CRA) tubular goods.
Our brush bristle design provides superior scrubbing action while eliminating the bending and breakage seen in other designs; so, it is not necessary to run a magnet pickup tool to capture broken wires.
Bevels on the upper and lower guide rings prevent the tool from hanging on casing connections or when entering downhole restrictions.
Large internal bore and external flow path allow high-rate circulation for maximum wellbore cleaning.
Our M&M Oil Tools Casing Brush Tool are available in sizes for use in 4 ½” to 20” OD casing.