Reliable Products & Services for more than 8 decades!

M&M Oil Tools has been providing the oil industry with reliable products and services for more than 8 decades. The roots of M&M Oil Tools can be traced back to 1944 when it was established to deliver products with unique benefits for their customers that were not available elsewhere. The philosophy began with casing scrapers, which eliminated all the small fasteners and loose parts. This provides enhanced downhole reliability and simplified servicing. Today, M&M Oil Tools continues deliver products with added value, including their latest innovation, the PWC Cartridge™ style kelly and safety valves.

PWC CartridgeTM is a trademark of M&M Oil Tools, Inc.; U.S. Patent Pending

The Beginning

Melvin “Matt” Matthews, founder, spent many years with “big” oil tool companies. He learned the business as he discovered customers were dissatisfied with the services. With the knowledge and experience he earned, it led him to establish Matthews Rental Tools in 1944 and to develop the M&M casing scraper in 1947.

In 1960, Matt restructured and established M&M Oil Tools. The business services and rental tools continued to grow as the oil and gas industry was robust and thriving in 1962. In 1969, M&M Oil Rental Tools began in-house manufacturing the Casing Scrapers. Fast forward a few years and in the late 1990s they added a CNC machine as they continued to expand and focus on a full line of products and services to include:

Casing Scrapers
Casing Brushes
Safety and Kelly Valves
Internal Blow Out Preventer Valves
Surface Test Tree (Flowhead)

Today, M&M Oil Tools has relocated to their new specifically designed factory in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. M&M Oil Tools continues to strive to provide excellent, innovative, and quality products to extend the reach to the global market. The state-of-the-art facility is designed to increase the capacity and reduce lead times, offering enhanced quality control and improving the testing capabilities.