New H2S Trim Valves: The Right Materials for the Right Application

M&M Oil Tools is now offering H2S trim on kelly, safety and top drive valves that conform to NACE MR0175 / ISO 15156. Re-engineered with upgraded materials—including corrosion resistant stainless steel alloys—H2S trim configurations are offered with working pressures of 10,000 psi, 15,000 psi and 25,000 psi.

“Our valves conform to API Specification 7-1*; we manufacture all H2S trim valve components to NACE standards,” said David Buck, M&M Oil Tools owner and CEO. “Unfortunately, not all of our competitors are so stringent with their materials and that shows in valves that crack and corrode prematurely. We always tell our customers to make sure they really know what is in their H2S trim valves, so they don’t use products that may be susceptible in a sour environment.”

M&M materials used in the manufacture of H2S valves:

  1. 17-4PH (UNSS17400): precipitation-hardening stainless steel in HH 1150 condition has been successfully used for mildly sour environments. According to NACE MR0175, 17-4PH is acceptable for valve components other than the body and bonnet, provided that the partial pressure of H2S does not exceed 0.5 psi.  Given that the valves are only “H2S trim,” they should not be used in severely sour conditions and that restriction is immaterial in the HH1150 condition.
  2. Tough Met AT110 (UNS C72900): a copper-nickel-tin alloy designed for use in applications demanding wear resistance, high-bearing performance and resistance to saltwater corrosion. NACE MR0175 indicates that copper alloys may be used without restriction in sour service conditions.
  3. Alloy X-750: a precipitation-hardened, nickel-chromium alloy specifically approved for springs by NACE MR0175 at hardness values up to 50HRC. It is a good alternative to 17-7H for retaining rings.

M&M Oil Tools well control valves, both standard and H2S trim, also offer the advanced design of the EZ-FLOW CARTRIDGE™. This new innovation provides for faster, easier and more reliable field service, while eliminating the need for special tools.

“Our double floating seats guarantee pressure by acting only across the downstream side of the ball and seat to minimize the load, prevent distortion of the ball and protect seat support arms,” said Buck. “These features, combined with the stem bearing, reduce the torque required to operate the valve. Our customers especially appreciate that each valve is provided with material certificates, test reports and Certificate of Conformance.”


*M&M Oil Tools manufactures products that are compliant to ANSI/API Specification 7-1 for Kelly Valves and Threading for Rotary Shouldered Connections

EZ-FIT CARTRIDGE™ and EZ-FLOW CARTRIDGE™ tools are covered by pending US and foreign patents.

EZ-FIT CARTRIDGE™ and EZ-FLOW CARTRIDGE™ are trademarks of M&M Oil Tools

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